Work with the core of being

The work with the core of the being aims to lead one back to their very own nature. The work with the core of being is a holistic approach that includes all levels of being: physical, emotional, intellectual, mental and spiritual.

In practical application of:

The work with the body (physical, energetic)

The work with emotions (emotional)

The work with the mind (intellectual)

The work on the sensitization of intuitive perception (mental)

The work with the immaterial reality (spiritual)

the person becomes more and more aware of himself again. He recognises unwanted behaviour patterns, physical blockades, suppressed feelings and frees himself from them. Through this liberation and the connection to the core of one's being that takes place, one's very own energy bubbles up again in the natural life flow of strength, joy, vitality and creativity.

This leads to a healthy self-worth and stable self-confidence. The human being acts from new on his own responsibility and autonomy. He is present and acts authentically, honestly and in love. His creative energies flow again and ensure abundance and health in his life.

AMW is based on the original nature of every human being - their natural essence.


The working methods:

Work with the body (bodywork):

For the reawakening of life in the body and energy field. Release of blockades on the physical level. The body or the cells become soft and permeable. Energies flow again and the soul can continue to enter the physical body.

Goal: The person becomes present and begins to speak for himself and act adequately!

Working with the emotional level:

For uncovering blockades in the emotional sphere. This could be, for example, fear of criticism or rejection or fear of affection. The conscious reference to one's inner self and the expression of what is, e.g. through free movement, dance or working with the voice, releases blocking emotions from the body.

Goal: Expression of one's self!

Working with the mind:

On the cognitive level, thought patterns, convictions, self-fogging or e.g. self-deception are uncovered. Discovering and feeling one's own inner truth and the exercise of expressing exactly and only what is really felt creates clarity and enables positioning.

Goal: harmony of feeling, thinking and acting!

Work on intuitive perception:

On the mental level, sensitive observation and grasping are trained, for deep soul-emotional aspects, too. Thinking (e.g. preconceived opinions, judgements and condemnations) gives way to sensitisation to inner impulses.

Goal: awareness of pure unconscious knowledge!

Working with the immaterial reality:

On this level we turn away from the material level of rationality and calculation, towards e.g. love and trust. This level supports e.g. the search for meaning.

Goal: Awake and clear consciousness!

The overall goal:

Uncovering and activating the inner core and thus the true personality. Access to the inner truth in order to live life self-determined and with love, power and vitality!

[The working methods as a mind map]

"If EVERY human being were where it had to be in accordance with its truth, EVERYONE would make a great difference.
For themselves.
For a company.
For society."

Albert Kötter
Coach for AMW-Therapie®