Personality development

For me, personal development means that I put myself in the center of attention. To really take myself seriously and focus on myself. To seek genuine contact to myself and then discover what really makes me special. To question my thoughts, actions and feelings as well as allowing myself to question all these. No longer being satisfied with wanting to be like others, or even having to be like them. To have the courage to open myself up to new things. Personal development means to want to know my truth about myself and to live it, no matter what others say.

My work is for people who perceive that something doesn´t feel right in their lives. For those who no longer want to accept the current state of being and have the courage to change. My work is also for people who are simply curious and therefore want to run free and experience themselves beyond their limits and grow with these.

All knowledge, from the day of birth until today and even far beyond, is existent and retrievable in the body. The work with the core of the being helps to make this knowledge re-accessible so one can use it in one´s life.

With the reconnection of the human being to his very own nature - his essence - the rediscovery of his inner truth and guidance as well as the reawakening of his original life energy succeeds. These are the prerequisites for a path to self-determination for a fulfilled and lived life.

Through e.g. upbringing and imprints, belief patterns, traumatic experiences or being cut off, the connection of the human being to his very own nature is restricted. The resulting restricted access to their very own creative energy puts them in a state of lack, out of which living becomes more and more of a challenge. In addition, the suppression of feelings, for example, caused by the above-mentioned events, demands a further and, above all, permanent negative use of energy that blocks the body or the cells. This leads to physical blockages, illnesses and ultimately death.

How much energy is then left for a life of joy and pleasure? Where is there still room for lightness?

[Mindmap: The possible enrichment through recognising and living one's very own nature]

Individual work

Presence, online or telephone sessions by individual appointment. Depending on your needs, a session lasts between 60 and 75 minutes and costs 60 euros.
I look forward to meeting you!