About me and my experience in companies

Fortunate circumstances led to me being able to stop working for companies. I can now turn my attention fully towards coaching. Through the coaching training I got another view on what is going on in companies.

My most important experience in this context is that now I can feel more clearly what burdens me and many of my colleagues, makes them unhappy and, above all, prevents them from achieving top performance for a company.

I have experienced that a large part of the employees’ manpower is lost. Despite the activities to increase efficiency and the greater focus on the employees, this potential manpower is not yet fully utilized. This is "Muda" [1]

[1] "...any human activity that consumes resources but produces no value." - Wallace J. Hopp[2]


Here are a few examples:

I have experienced that either no decisions are made or decisions are postponed e.g. due to fear of not achieving one's goals or damaging one's reputation.

I have experienced how superiors or individual employees deliberately refuse to work. People are boycotting and manipulating.

I have experienced that very good work is done within project teams, for example by uncovering maldevelopment or bad decisions. Nevertheless, the courage to point these out is missing.

I have experienced how individuals abuse their power to enforce their decisions and to move into personally advantageous directions.

I have experienced that employees do everything to stay in their comfort zone and refuse to accept upcoming changes. Moreover, managers helplessly accept this behavior.

And I was involved, too.

Here a company has an enormous potential of manpower, which is not aligned to the company's purpose. In order to make this potential available, a different perspective on the company and the people is required.

In depth it is about personal issues of the people in companies. These have emerged through imprints, conditioning, expectations, belief patterns, injuries and fear that developed in the past as well as in the present and within the company. These are effective through the individual employee or in the team, e.g. through experiencing dissatisfaction, a lack of independence, selfishness, protectionism, refusal, claim to power, intrigue, manipulation, suppression, subjective evaluation, career focus, emotional blindness, need for harmony, wrong values, lack of communication, lies etc. This deprives the company of a considerable productive part of its manpower.

I don't want to say that the measures and programs initiated for the development of employees* are not increasing efficiency. However, the real causes are not addressed and therefore these merely scratch on the surface of what is possible.

What is to be done?

Let us assume that the purpose of the company is to produce a very good and unrivalled product. Therefore, the maximum energy, i.e. manpower, should be put into the creation of this product. Especially the manpower that is already in-house, that no longer needs to be bought in and that has already been paid for. Let us set about training the people in the company in such a way that they are consistently oriented towards the company's purpose.

What do I offer to you?

I offer you to go into conscious experience of contact with yourself and your colleagues with your employees within the teams and departments, as well as across departments. Both goes hand in hand. The impact of current behaviour and the impact of possible future changes in behaviour on this contact and thus on the company are experienced in practical application. The employees become more aware of what they are doing, why they are doing it and whether they really want it for themselves and the company. And then the change process of the company begins.

All this will happen less on the level of the mind and more on the level of the feelings.

Playfully, with joy and lightness, the curiosity is awakened that makes us open and free for changes in ourselves and in contact with other persons.

What do I need from you?

I need your openness to try a different way of staff development.
I need your curiosity about something seemingly new.
I need your courage to give more space to the emotional level of your employees, to promote it and to let it work in your company.