Companies and the people

Why is AMW interesting for you as a company and what is the scope of AMW?

A company also has a core of being, which is created by the people who form the company.

By working with the core of being, these people increasingly perceive the company as such (?), maybe even for the first time. These people realize that in the end they are the company. The company “recognizes” undesirable patterns of behavior, beliefs, ideas, constructs as well as blockages. It subsequently “disengages” from those and thereby “enables itself” to reach a stable position in the global economy, which is currently undergoing major changes.
This leads to a healthy company self-esteem and stable self-confidence. The people in the company act - in the best interest of the company (!) –under their own responsibility and independently. The company gains presence and acts from its truth – in an honest, authentic and loving manner. The company's creative energies take measures in a more goal-oriented way and provide growth and wealth for everyone.

What happens when this creative source is effective for the company?

Such a company creates a unique, unrivalled product that always meets the needs of the market, because the product is based on truth.
And the demand is infinite - as great as the wishes of individuals. As of May 2020, there are about 7.8 billion people on this earth. Some of their wishes are very individual, some wishes are collectively big, so that every company has enough customers.

The development of products that miss the target market no longer happens because, for example, no product is developed on the basis of artificially generated needs, i.e. on the basis of incomplete or even false truths! The resources required for product development are being focused and efficiently used. There is no more room for waste. Losses of all kinds are minimized. Exertion gives way to ease. Wouldn't that be nice?

What does it take?

The creative energy of every single person in the company is available. It finds its impact in the right place, at the right time, and thus always has a positive effect on the product to be created.

The product that wants to be created resides in the truth of the core of the company.
The truth of the company is born from the resonance of truths of the cores of the beings of the individuals involved. The sum of the truths and resonances of the individuals in the company thus determines the success of the company's product.

If the resonances are not in alignment or if the truths of the individuals involved diverge too much, the core of the company cannot develop in a positive direction. The creative energies appear out of focus. In consequence products have defects, are incomplete, do not prove popular on the market, are too many in number or successful products are created at too high a price.

What is the potential scope of AMW for your company?

Top-down, i.e. starting from the current management, the following questions/topics could be addressed:

  • What is the truth of the company?
  • Is the creative goal sufficient or even defined?
  • Is the ethical and overall collective responsibility currently on everyone's lips, and the entrepreneurial lines of action that can be derived from it, integrated or even compatible with the current corporate objective?
  • Is the company really successful?
  • At what price? Would it be easier? Is there anything that prevents the creative power from being bundled and made effective? Which blockades and/or dependencies exist, why and are they necessary?
  • How is it ensured that all parties involved complement each other?
  • Do all participants have a like-minded interest?
  • Who decides in this company and must it be so?

Bottom-up, i.e. starting from the individual employee, the team and the department, the following questions/topics could be addressed:

  • Am I really doing my best for the company? Am I satisfied with it? Could I give more? What does it take?
  • How do I experience myself? How do I experience my colleagues? What burdens me in contact with my colleagues?
  • Where do I not get the chance? What blocks me?
  • What should I change about myself? Why would that change something in the company?
  • Do I know the company's purpose? Can I identify with it and why not?
  • Am I in the right position in the company, corresponding to my truth and not to my imagination/desire?

Alle für das Eine.

All for one.